Management of the Sciatica Pain

Sciatica Pain

The sciatica pain can make the life of a person very difficult. Doctors usually advise the use of non-surgical methods to administer the sciatica pain.

If the pain becomes unbearable, the orthopedic surgeon in Sioux Falls South Dakota may advise the use of mediation. Exercise can sometimes give relief from the pain.

Non-Surgical Ways Used to Treat Sciatica Pain

These are the commonly used methods for treating sciatica pain not involving surgery.

Use of Heat and Ice

Sometimes, severe sciatica pain does not respond to any medicine. In that case the doctor may ask the patient to apply heat and ice packs on the affected area of the spinal cord. The frequency and method of the application depends on the patient’s condition. Ask your orthopedic doctor in Sioux Falls about the application of heat and ice.

To Administer Epidural Injections

One other way of getting rid of sciatica pain is to administer epidural injections. The administering of epidural injections will help reduce the inflammation. The reduction in inflammation helps overcome the pain caused by nerve compression. The healing effects of the epidural injections vary from one patient to another.

Manual Manipulation

Manual manipulation of adjust of the spinal cord can help the patient feel instant pain relief. The manual manipulation helps the patient treat the underlying conditions of the spinal cord. The use of manual manipulation helps overcome many of the causes of spinal cord. The manual manipulation facilitates a better healing environment for the patient.

Undergo Therapy

There are two types of therapies your doctor may ask you to undergo, cognitive therapy and massage therapy. The cognitive therapy helps overcome the behaviors which may cause sciatica pain. Similarly, the doctor may also advice undergoing massage therapy. The massage therapy improves blood flow and muscle relaxation to help the patient feel better.