Tips to Consider Before Undergoing Shoulder Surgery

There is a complex procedure involved in a shoulder surgery. There are different types of shoulder surgery options available for the patients to consider. However, shoulder operation is only considered when the conservative shoulder treatment methods fail to deliver results.

The type of shoulder surgery depends on the patient’s particular problem and the best operation that suits their requirements. Here are some general tips to consider when you are undergonig a shoulder surgery.

Try to Get a Comfortable Sleep

After the surgery you need to get a comfortable and good night sleep. You may have difficulty sleeping with your arm wrapped in a sling or arm mobilizer. Therefore, you must not role on the shoulder that just underwent the surgery. Therefore, you need to sleep in a recliner to avoid rolling over to one side. Sometimes, sleeping on the sofa can help with the support of the pillows. Try to have different positions to find a goodnight sleep.

Ask a Friend or a Family Member to Accompany You

You are advised not to go alone for the surgery. You will have to take care of the shoulder before and after the surgery. Therefore, you will not be able to drive to and back from the hospital. You will probably need assistance getting into the vehicle. A person accompanying you to and back from the shoulder surgery can help with small tasks which may become difficult.

Narcotic Pain Medicines Can Help

Sometimes, your orthopedic surgery doctor may ask you to take narcotic pain medicine before the surgery. Therefore, you must strictly follow the routine of taking medicine as per the doctor’s advice. If you delay or miss your medication, you may feel increase in pain and swelling. Sometimes, taking medicine before the administration of anesthesia can help subside the pain during and after the surgery. The narcotic pain medicines may make you vomit or nausea. The narcotic medicine can also help you easily go to sleep.

Work on Decreasing the Swelling and Pain

Your orthopedic surgeon may advice you from the different types of cold therapies. Therefore, you must follow your doctor’s advice for applying a typical type of cold therapy. The use of cold therapy helps reduce shoulder swelling after the surgery. You may have to use from any of the cold therapy devices or ice to reduce swelling. However, you must only use the cold therapy for a shorter period of time on more frequent basis.


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