Injuries Responsible for Extreme Knee Pain

Extreme Knee Pain - Sioux Falls Orthopedics

Different reasons can cause knee pain. In extremely painful conditions the patient must see an orthopedic doctor.

Let us have a look at the common reasons for knee pain.

Knee Fractures

Knee fractures can occur due to different reasons. In most of the cases, the fractures are not that severe. Some of the knee fractures are not serious and heal with time. However, even smaller fractures can severely impact the mobility of the knee. For example, fracture of the kneecap can make it difficult for the patient walk or bend their knee. It also becomes difficult for the patient to put weight on their fractured knee.

Ligament Injuries

A knee injury can result in stretching and sometimes rupturing a ligament. Some of the ill effects of knee ligament injuries include reduced movement, swelling, tenderness, bruising, or pain. The knee joint becomes unstable and makes the patient limp. The type of treatment for knee ligament injuries depends on its location and severity. For example, basic sprains can take a few weeks to heal. The patient will have maximal ligament strength by six weeks after the collagen fibers have matured.

Meniscus Injuries

The menisci are in the knee working as a shock absorber. Cartilage in the knee make up the knee menisci. Twisting of the knee menisci is one of the common reasons for the injury. The injury causes acute pain. Some of the common ways of treating knee meniscus injuries include conventional methods like an elastic bandage, application of ice or physical therapy. In some cases, surgery for repairing the meniscus or remove part of it.

Knee Dislocation

Knee dislocation is one of the most painful conditions for a patient. In the event of knee dislocation, the patient needs to see the doctor immediately. A friend or family member must accompany the patient and ideally use a stature or wheelchair to transport the patient. The patient must exercise caution and minimize unnecessary use of the injured knee.


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